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Autumn Kiss Bath Soak

Autumn Kiss Bath Soak

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How salt water can benefit your skin

Since salt water therapy has been used for centuries around the world, including ancient Greece, there is strong anecdotal evidence that it works wonders on the skin. A handful of studies have found that salt water bathing is particularly effective for troublesome skin conditions, like psoriasis.

Salt water is said to benefit your skin in the following eleven ways:

  • Closes open pores
  • Soaks up excess oil
  • Balances oil production
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria
  • Diminishes scars
  • Heals scrapes and cuts
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells
  • Restores skin’s natural pH
  • Improves skin barrier function
  • Enhances hydration
  • Reduces inflammation

Please note: 40ml tube is good for 1-2 bath soaks. This is more of a sample size to allow our customers to test the product on their skin before making a purchase.

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