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The Holistic Rising

Cedarwood + Peach Handmade Soap

Cedarwood + Peach Handmade Soap

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Cedarwood essential oil contains anti-inflammatory, anti fungal, and antibacterial properties that enable it to treat irritated skin as well as conditions like acne and eczema. It has a natural wound-healing quality, making it ideal for use on scrapes, cuts, and other abrasions that require disinfection

Peach oil helps the skin maintain its moisture balance, and also contributes to the toning and firming of the skin
. Peach Oil also contains natural anti-ageing components (antioxidants) that work together to help neutralize free radicals and slow signs of aging.

Note: Color, shape and size may vary. Our soaps are handcrafted and can vary from the image above.
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